The Job Farmer

Discover why job farmers are more effective at finding work (or clients) than job hunters. There’s no need to worry about starving when you’re a job farmer, as employment opportunities and customers for your business will always be in abundant supply as a result of the relationships that you’ve built with people.

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The Contractor Lifestyle

Career freedom is easily within reach once you learn how to think like a contractor. You won’t ever have to despair or even hate your job. By adopting the contractor mindset, you’ll become master of your destiny and never worry about being out of work as a result of getting downsized, terminated or laid off.

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The Maverick Effect

Find out how countless innovators and change-makers overcame their challenges and won the respect and admiration of their peers. If you’re blessed with a special talent, have a unique point of view or would like to genuinely help others and make some radical changes in the world find out how to attract people your cause so

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Why Nice Guys Always Win

Recently I had a chance to meet an unusual fellow. He came in to fix my shower door, which had become loose and had partially fallen off its track. I had no clue how to fix it and had to call

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Powerful and effective presentation

I’ve seen George speak twice and I must say that he gives an excellent presentation each time. I found a lot of value in the information that you shared with both groups and also liked the way you effectively handled the audience’s questions.

Greg Bourlet, President, Precise Building Maintenance
Excellent presentation and very good book

Thank you for your fresh and thought-provoking perspective. You’ve clearly discussed why people need to constantly cultivate relationships and get out of  the hunter mentality that holds a lot of us back. Excellent book (The Job Farmer) and I liked your talk even better.

Adon Rigg, Manager, Rochester Midland
I enjoyed listening to your excellent presentation

Thank you for your fresh and thought-provoking ideas. I was very inspired by your presentation and I highly recommend you to any group that needs an insightful & effective motivational speaker.

Jane Drazic, Sales Manager, Hilton Vancouver Airport
Practical & insightful tips during your presentation

I picked up some great insights related to work and life. If you’re looking for a new job, switching careers, or simply looking for something that better fits your abilities, George’s provides valuable insights that are easy to grasp and quickly put into practice. I was able to learn some new people skills and even something about myself at the same time.

Mary Tecson, Assistant Manager, Skills Connect at ISS of BC
George rocks the stage

I was impressed by George’s passion, professionalism and motivational ability. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a speaker. He will rock any event with his enthralling and engaging presentations.

Sanzida Habib, LCI / TFW Group Support Coordinator, Multicultural Helping House


George Verdolaga is an Amazon best-selling author & keynote speaker. His biggest passion is helping companies, business owners and individuals get out of their own way so that they can reach their personal, career or business objectives as quickly and painlessly as possible. Read more