Are You Making Your Dreams Happen?

By: George Verdolaga Goals 5 Comments Aug 15, 2011

I recently caught up with a fellow author, Bennett Coles, who specializes in writing science fiction. He is doing a series of follow-ups to his first self-published book, VIRTUES OF WAR (

He works for someone else during the day and does his writing (and book promotions) during his free time. Once a month he also delivers a course on becoming your own book promoter at Tanglewood books every 2nd Monday of each month (except October). Oh, and he’s married and has 2 kids and commutes to and from Vancouver and Victoria for work. Recently, he snagged regional distribution for his book at Chapters, and I heard that there’s even a distinct possibility for him to get his book available nationally. This is a dream come true for most authors. And he’s doing this without the benefit of traditional middlemen (i.e. agents and publishing houses) or giving away his rights to anyone.

This is a gentleman clearly firing on all cylinders and taking purposeful strides to bestsellerdom. And he’s not afraid to fall flat on his face (he’s shared humorous anecdotes of disinterested little bookstores who practically snubbed him as he inquired whether they might be interested to carry his book in their inventories) along the way.

They say that getting to where you want to be isn’t a walk in the park. Oftentimes, we end up stumbling a lot on the road to our dreams. Sometimes, a little help from our supporters can go a long way. Stephen King was about to throw in the towel on his budding career as an author when his wife retrieved his last novel from the garbage after yet another painful rejection. She submitted his manuscript to Doubleday publishing without his knowledge and they say the rest is history (that novel, “Carrie”, became a bestseller and a film).

Check out Jack Canfield’s “Success Principles” for this and other inspiring stories to help you pick up yourself up and continue on to that path to your dreams.

5 Responses to “Are You Making Your Dreams Happen?”

  1. Ian Alexander Martin says:

    There’s a lot to be said for determination. Given enough of it, luck can suddenly occur. The determination isn’t what causes the luck to materialize, but merely provides the opportunity for it. That said, if there is no opportunity, then you can never ‘get lucky’. All a roundabout way of saying that hard work, continual effort, and luck equally play a part in success, probably.

    As a publisher, I’ve found little success with distribution as a part of my business, at least so far. Thus, I continue to plan and progress.

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  3. George Verdolaga says:

    Well… you seem to be a very determined and hard-working person, Ian, so I guess it’s just a matter of time before all the stars align in your favor. As for distribution, I might be able to help you in this regard. Why don’t I hook you up with someone I know that can get you and your authors into Chapters via a distributor and you can take it from there.

  4. George Verdolaga says:

    I think Ben Coles would be a great resource (and speaker) for the members of Shebeen. While writing the sequels to his first book, he has a regular corporate job, so this person has one foot planted solidly planted on the ground while the other is in dreamland…. same as when Nicholas Sparks was waiting for a publisher to pick up “The Notebook”. He was actually working in pharmaceutical sales when his agent called him to say that they had snagged a $ 1M book deal.

  5. Bennett R. Coles says:

    George, you really are too kind. I think that Ian’s comment about determination preparing you when good luck comes along is spot-on. You never know when you’re going to get a break, so you have to be ready for it all the time. It can be exhausting, and disheartening, but the feeling of success that comes with being ready for a surprise is like nothing else.

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