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Staying on Track: Week 3

HikingHave you ever had to balance two things like your career and a relationship and have one of them end in disaster because you found it hard to juggle several things all at once?

I’m at the end of week 2 of my book writing project. So far I’ve finished Read more »

Walking the Talk: Week 2

Old Woman WalkingI recently committed to writing a new book called WHY MAVERICKS & OUTSIDERS RULE AND HIPSTERS FOLLOW THEM. Not only did I tell several people about it to keep me accountable, I wrote the intro and table of contents to help get me started. This is week 2 of my book writing odyssey. Read more »

Writing A New Book: Week 1

booksLast December I had a sudden flash of inspiration to write a book called WHY MAVERICKS & OUTSIDERS RULE AND HIPSTERS FOLLOW THEM. I decided that it would have 80,000 words and be roughly 180 – 200 pages long. Read more »

How to Access Your Power

Do you find yourself struggling to reach some of your goals? Would you like to discover how to overcome those blocks that stop you from achieving success? Have you decided that this year will be your year to finally make things happen? Read more »

Taking the Leap

This story is designed to inspire & give courage to anyone who is on the verge, and feeling called, to quit their job in order to pursue something more meaningful. This is part of the Taking the Leap resource, a database full of real-life stories from people who have successfully gone from job dissatisfaction to career emancipation. Read more »

How To Get Tons of Believers & Supporters

Recently, I’ve been reflecting at how lucky I am to have so many friends that not only look out for me but also help fill up my social calendar. I’ve been so blessed this Summer to get so many invitations to attend BBQs, picnics, dinner or events. What makes it harder to believe is that I never Read more »

How To Have An Awesome Life

I recently got to attend an event called VANCOUVER’S BIGGEST EVER NETWORKING PARTY on July 24 at the five sixty night club in downtown Vancouver. It was organized by Jonathan Chow of SparkMetric, who also created the SOCIAL INFLUENCE FORUM where I recently gave a talk on Read more »


Not a very encouraging blog title, isn’t it? After all, wouldn’t you rather learn the opposite, which is how to make as much money as fast as you can minus the effort and heartache?

Well, let me share a story with you of someone I know that I thought was Read more »

When Good People Mess Up

Christmas TreeAfter attending lots of get-togethers over the holidays, I sent out a whole slew of thank you cards and emails to friends and family for taking the time to get together and exchange thoughtful presents.

One of the things that I received was a really unique gift. Wanting to know Read more »

Magnetize & Attract Good People Into Your Life

Many people struggle to connect with people that they’ve just met. People who attend my relationship-building courses say that one of their biggest challenges is getting people interested to know and like them the first time that they meet. Although I teach people how to achieve Read more »