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Autumn: A Time For Change

Fall brings with it many transformations in nature, such as the change in color of leaves from a lush green to a brilliant yellow or fiery red; and also a sharp drop in temperature, signaling to us that Winter is not too far behind. Autumn also brings more precipitation, silvery-grey skies and longer nights – things that can cause melancholy in some people.

While the season can be a downer, especially after the joyful highs of Summer, it can also be an opportunity to turn a new leaf, so to speak. Read more »

No “Good” or “Bad” Times

A lot of people are taking a dim view of the present time. Some of you that just got your high school, university or post-graduate degree might actually be thinking that this is a lousy time to be out in the job market.

Well… let’s take a page out of the millionaire stock investor or real estate playbook. In their world, any time is a good time. In fact, there are no “good” or “bad” times. There just happen to be “circumstances”. Right now, there just happens to be a recession, which is just one example Read more »

How To Get Lucky

What is it that causes luck? Most people will tell you that it’s a combination of several factors, notably timing and hard work.

There’s lots of opportunities out there at any point in time, regardless of what’s happening in the economy, except that we don’t usually recognize them as such. What we see instead, are problems. Problems and opportunities just happen to be two sides of the same coin.

How do we position ourselves so that Read more »

The New 21st Century Economy

The days of lifetime employment in one company are at and end. For companies to survive they have to be able to hire and fire whenever necessary. No sector of the economy, including the government, is exempt from this reality. And if you’re an employee in the 21st century, the best thing you can do to protect yourself is take out some “insurance” so that you can get back on your feet in case you’re let go for whatever reason.

What brought this about? Marshall MacLuhan’s idea of a “global village” Read more »

How Much Longer Before We’re All Out Of The Woods?

Technically, the recession ended over a year ago, in July 2009, or as early as April, depending on who you listen to. Ever since then, the U.S. has been in slow growth mode the past year. The Manufacturers Alliance/MAPI predicts a 2.9% GDP increase in 2010.

That’s hardly news to be optimistic about, especially when you see retail establishments – or the company where you work – struggle to attract customers and stay open for business, and people around you Read more »