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How To Approach Total Strangers With Complete Confidence

Meeting someone newI recently presented my one-hour HOW TO APPROACH TOTAL STRANGERS WITH COMPLETE CONFIDENCE talk to an audience of nearly 90 business owners and professionals at the Vancouver Business Network (VBN), thanks to Roger Killen the co-organizer and Read more »

How to Increase Your Credibility

Romantic Couple at Gatwick AirportOnce upon a time, people would say “You must come to dinner” just to be polite or “that’s very interesting” when they really mean the opposite (read “What British People Say. What They Really Mean. What Other People Understand.” for a comprehensive list of archaic “polite society” comments). And incredibly, Read more »

How To Fulfill Your Destiny

Do you believe in destiny? Here’s a powerful insight related to destiny:

Your thoughts become your actions
Your repeated actions become your habits
Your habits become your character
Your character determines your destiny Read more »

Surviving The Christmas Holidays

Family PhotoDid you get together with your family recently over the holidays? It’s great to get together with them isn’t it, especially if you live far away and don’t see them that often. Personally, I enjoy the experience because I get to see my folks who are now in their 80s. I guess I’m pretty lucky to have both my parents still around. Although they’re part of that Read more »

Counting Our Blessings This Christmas

Do friends come to you and whine about their lousy love lives (or careers) and then do nothing about it?

Do family members (or certain people) constantly complain about their poor Read more »

Stretch Out To The Stars

Night Sky We’re a few weeks from the New Year which means that many of us will be taking stock of the current year and writing brand new resolutions for 2013. Well, here’s some pre-resolution exercises that we can all do to warm us up for that collective exercise of writing the “Things I Need To Do (or Be)” list: Read more »

Is Face-to-Face Networking Dead?

Recently I’ve rejoined a local chapter of BNI, which is an international organizaion that’s dedicated to helping business owners grow their business as a result of weekly face-to-face networking meetings. I’d been away from it for 3 years and wanted to re- Read more »

Find Your Silver Lining

Beach PhotoI recently got back from a 2.5 week holiday. It’s a time of year that I look forward to as it allows me to make a mental inventory of these two things:

1) List of what’s going great in my life
2) List of the things I still want to achieve

Notice that I don’t have a “List of what’s Read more »

Five Winning Habits For Work and Life Success



Wondering what you need to do to be more successful or happy? Well, here’s a list of things that you should try to Read more »

Secrets To Making A Memorable Impression

Whether you’re meeting someone for the first time for a job interview, a potential sale of your product or service or even as a prelude to a possible friendship or romance, here are a few things you may want to remember in order to be taken seriously: Read more »