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Why Nice Guys Always Win

Building Relationships, Building Your Brand, Career & Business Jul 06, 2016 2 Comments

Recently I had a chance to meet an unusual fellow. He came in to fix my shower door, which had become loose and had partially fallen off its track. I had no clue how to fix it and had to call Read more »

Leading by Doing

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Galya Westler is a Vancouver-based entrepreneur who was born in Montreal and raised in Israel. She returned to the West Coast a few years ago to focus on creating social mobile apps for companies, specifically private social networks for companies. Galya has since incorporated two companies since she arrived and currently serves as the owner and Read more »

Spread Your Wings: Week 5

Building Relationships, Building Your Brand, Career & Business, Change, Goals Mar 26, 2015 No Comments

EagleDid people ever make fun of the way you looked or talked? Did they ever whisper behind your back at how slow or inept you were at work? People made fun of my big head, my buck teeth and my desire for approval once upon a time. Read more »

How To Get Tons of Believers & Supporters

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Recently, I’ve been reflecting at how lucky I am to have so many friends that not only look out for me but also help fill up my social calendar. I’ve been so blessed this Summer to get so many invitations to attend BBQs, picnics, dinner or events. What makes it harder to believe is that I never Read more »

How To Have An Awesome Life

Building Relationships, Career & Business, Change, Goals Jul 29, 2014 2 Comments

I recently got to attend an event called VANCOUVER’S BIGGEST EVER NETWORKING PARTY on July 24 at the five sixty night club in downtown Vancouver. It was organized by Jonathan Chow of SparkMetric, who also created the SOCIAL INFLUENCE FORUM where I recently gave a talk on Read more »

When Good People Mess Up

Building Relationships, Connecting Jan 11, 2014 No Comments

Christmas TreeAfter attending lots of get-togethers over the holidays, I sent out a whole slew of thank you cards and emails to friends and family for taking the time to get together and exchange thoughtful presents.

One of the things that I received was a really unique gift. Wanting to know Read more »

Magnetize & Attract Good People Into Your Life

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Many people struggle to connect with people that they’ve just met. People who attend my relationship-building courses say that one of their biggest challenges is getting people interested to know and like them the first time that they meet. Although I teach people how to achieve Read more »

How To Approach Total Strangers With Complete Confidence

Building Relationships Nov 04, 2013 No Comments

Meeting someone newI recently presented my one-hour HOW TO APPROACH TOTAL STRANGERS WITH COMPLETE CONFIDENCE talk to an audience of nearly 90 business owners and professionals at the Vancouver Business Network (VBN), thanks to Roger Killen the co-organizer and Read more »

How to Increase Your Credibility

Building Relationships, Building Your Brand, Career & Business, Connecting May 17, 2013 2 Comments

Romantic Couple at Gatwick AirportOnce upon a time, people would say “You must come to dinner” just to be polite or “that’s very interesting” when they really mean the opposite (read “What British People Say. What They Really Mean. What Other People Understand.” for a comprehensive list of archaic “polite society” comments). And incredibly, Read more »

Surviving The Christmas Holidays

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Family PhotoDid you get together with your family recently over the holidays? It’s great to get together with them isn’t it, especially if you live far away and don’t see them that often. Personally, I enjoy the experience because I get to see my folks who are now in their 80s. I guess I’m pretty lucky to have both my parents still around. Although they’re part of that Read more »