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How To Get Tons of Believers & Supporters

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Recently, I’ve been reflecting at how lucky I am to have so many friends that not only look out for me but also help fill up my social calendar. I’ve been so blessed this Summer to get so many invitations to attend BBQs, picnics, dinner or events. What makes it harder to believe is that I never Read more »


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Not a very encouraging blog title, isn’t it? After all, wouldn’t you rather learn the opposite, which is how to make as much money as fast as you can minus the effort and heartache?

Well, let me share a story with you of someone I know that I thought was Read more »

How to Increase Your Credibility

Building Relationships, Building Your Brand, Career & Business, Connecting May 17, 2013 2 Comments

Romantic Couple at Gatwick AirportOnce upon a time, people would say “You must come to dinner” just to be polite or “that’s very interesting” when they really mean the opposite (read “What British People Say. What They Really Mean. What Other People Understand.” for a comprehensive list of archaic “polite society” comments). And incredibly, Read more »

Is Face-to-Face Networking Dead?

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Recently I’ve rejoined a local chapter of BNI, which is an international organizaion that’s dedicated to helping business owners grow their business as a result of weekly face-to-face networking meetings. I’d been away from it for 3 years and wanted to re- Read more »

Are You a Farmer Or a Hunter?

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THE JOB FARMER is a story about two prehistoric hunters – Kolo and Miiku – who come upon a group of settlers with more advanced weapons and food gathering techniques. As a result of their their influence, Miiku turns to farming and finds a sustainable source of food. Kolo, on the other hand, thinks his Read more »

Temporary Jobs: The New Normal

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Here’s the first bit of good news: companies are now hiring again
The less than stellar news: they’re hiring less permanent workers and getting more contractors instead
And for the really excellent piece of news: you now work for yourself Read more »

How NOT To Treat Your Customers During A Recession

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Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to visit one of my favorite cafés in Seattle. It’s located in an upscale department store known for its legendary customer service. This company actually wrote a book on this subject that’s highly Read more »

Get Some Benefit Out of Job Fairs

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Do you still go to job fairs? What results do you typically get? Here is a list of the most common experiences that people have when they go to Job Fairs:

A) They see a huge lineup of job-seekers – As the world economy is still Read more »

Why You Need to Stand Out From the Crowd

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Why is it necessary to be unique or different from everybody else? Remember how being different was actually a liability back in high school? Didn’t people back then do their best to blend in rather than stand out so they wouldn’t get teased or harassed by the other kids for some unusual feature, Read more »

Do You Have A Double Standard?

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Are you unfailingly considerate with your boss and co-workers and then uncommunicative to members of your family at the end of the day, choosing to bury yourself in a book or watch TV instead?

Do you treat restaurant servers, the Read more »