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Why Nice Guys Always Win

Building Relationships, Building Your Brand, Career & Business Jul 06, 2016 2 Comments

Recently I had a chance to meet an unusual fellow. He came in to fix my shower door, which had become loose and had partially fallen off its track. I had no clue how to fix it and had to call Read more »

Dan Lok Talks About Overcoming Difficulty On His Way to Success

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Dan Lok is an accidental businessman. His first venture – which was a lawn mowing business – was a complete failure, and so were 13 other businesses that followed. In his 20s he found a mentor called Allan who made him work for next to nothing for a year. This is where he learned how to do Read more »

Bosco Anthony: An Inspiring Immigrant Success Story

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Bosco Anthony rise to success began in 2002, when he moved to Canada from Tanzania. Upon arriving in B.C. he went into sales and marketing and eventually found himself working as a sales manager for Intrawest. After several years, he moved on to the Read more »

How to Succeed as a Change Agent

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TED TalksConnor Beaton has some pretty strong opinions about men. “My biggest passion is to help people (1) live a life of purpose, (2) help people uncover their gifts and (3) find self-fulfillment,” says Connor. Read more »

12 Things Successful People Never Do

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Victory1. They don’t give up when people say “no”, reject them or tell them “that’s not possible” – They simply find a way over, under or around a problem.
2. They never blame anyone for mistakes or failure – They take full Read more »

You’ve Just Reached A Big Goal: What’s Next?

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I just finished writing THE MAVERICK EFFECT a month ago and it’s now undergoing professional editing. It was like reaching the top of a tall mountain. This wave of euphoria washes over you and you feel like you’re on top of the world. Getting to this important milestone of finishing the manuscript Read more »

Spread Your Wings: Week 5

Building Relationships, Building Your Brand, Career & Business, Change, Goals Mar 26, 2015 No Comments

EagleDid people ever make fun of the way you looked or talked? Did they ever whisper behind your back at how slow or inept you were at work? People made fun of my big head, my buck teeth and my desire for approval once upon a time. Read more »

Getting into the Zone: Week 4

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Football playersEver wonder why some people start something and either (1) continue until the end or (2) give up after trying for just a little while? What makes some people finishers and others quitters? Why do some people relentlessly pursue their goals even though they encounter one failure after another? How can you get into the “zone” so Read more »

Staying on Track: Week 3

Building Your Brand, Career & Business, Change, Goals Mar 12, 2015 1 Comment

HikingHave you ever had to balance two things like your career and a relationship and have one of them end in disaster because you found it hard to juggle several things all at once?

I’m at the end of week 2 of my book writing project. So far I’ve finished Read more »

Walking the Talk: Week 2

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Old Woman WalkingI recently committed to writing a new book called WHY MAVERICKS & OUTSIDERS RULE AND HIPSTERS FOLLOW THEM. Not only did I tell several people about it to keep me accountable, I wrote the intro and table of contents to help get me started. This is week 2 of my book writing odyssey. Read more »