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Develop Your Mind’s Eye

Career & Business Apr 13, 2011 No Comments

ne very powerful routine you might want to incorporate during the early part of your day is to practice seeing your goals come to fruition in your head. Another way to think about this is that you’re playing a mental movie in your mind with you as the main character and then supplying great endings to your “film”.

High performance athletes employ mental imagery (i.e. visualization) to enhance their performance on the field. In fact, they are taught to continue to practice their moves even when Read more »

Join A Mastermind Group

Career & Business Apr 11, 2011 No Comments

When I first started writing the business plan for my design consulting design business many years ago, I had the opportunity to join a mastermind or best practices group. It was essentially a forum for sharing ideas and exchanging tips. We stayed together for over a year and learned a few valuable lessons.

One of my biggest ones was that one should join a group with varying levels of experience and complementary talents. Although banding together to share ideas was an excellent concept, Read more »

Practice Speaking

Career & Business Apr 04, 2011 1 Comment

If you’ve had the chance to see “The King’s Speech”, you’ll come across a wonderful and inspiring story about one man’s triumph over a physical impairment that not only caused him personal embarrassment, but also threatened his effectiveness to lead his people through a difficult period in history.

Colin Firth’s acting skills were perfect for portraying the character of King George V. And he was equally brilliant in conveying the struggle that many of us have to endure every day involving Read more »

Speak in Front of an Audience

Career & Business Mar 21, 2011 No Comments

Want to know of an experience that causes unspeakable horror, almost as much as death? It’s called public speaking.

It can get pretty bad, especially when we’re much younger and have less experience giving talks in front of people or approaching total strangers at random (e.g. at networking events). It gets better as we get to practice more and build our self-esteem and confidence as we get older.

If you’re mostly reading books or Read more »

The Book Is The New Business Card

Career & Business Mar 14, 2011 No Comments

Do you have a business card at work? These used to have a huge impact back in the day. Some people would even collect the fancy ones that they received. These days, most people don’t even look at these when they’re handed to them (except the Japanese, who make business card exchanges an elaborate ceremony).

It’s not just because you can get them almost free at VistaPrint, it’s because people can put whatever fancy title they want (like “Emperor of Mongolia”) without being questioned. Read more »

Sell your Expertise vs. your Time

Career & Business Mar 07, 2011 No Comments

Ever wonder why some people make tons more income per year than everyone else? Well, it’s pretty simple really… they sell their expertise, not their time. When you do the second, you tend to get into a bidding situation with an employer who would like to pay you the lowest amount per hour (or per year) that they can get away with for the greatest amount of output. Don’t feel bad about it, though, since that’s simply the way that most of the working world operates.

However, you can step out of this Read more »

Taken Any New Courses Lately?

Career & Business Feb 28, 2011 No Comments

Part of the value that we bring to the table depends on how current our knowledge base is. Have you taken any career- or business- related courses recently? If not check out various institutions of learning to see what they’re offering. Your company may even offer to pay for some (or all) of these courses, especially if it means being able to do your job, or run your business unit, better.

Do you know that MBA and even post-graduate classes are packed right now? A lot of people figure that taking Read more »

Read Any New Books Lately?

Career & Business Feb 21, 2011 1 Comment

Except for the odd novel/ thriller or self-improvement tome, a lot of people haven’t picked up a book since they left college or university. After all, the last thing any of us would like to do would be to do any further self-improvement, right?

Here’s the thing, though… at this stage in your life, you can pick and choose whatever book you want to read. None of it needs to be force-fed on you. And if you’d like to know how to get ahead at work faster, promote your business, or get over some type of Read more »