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Leading by Doing

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Galya Westler is a Vancouver-based entrepreneur who was born in Montreal and raised in Israel. She returned to the West Coast a few years ago to focus on creating social mobile apps for companies, specifically private social networks for companies. Galya has since incorporated two companies since she arrived and currently serves as the owner and Read more »

How To Get Tons of Believers & Supporters

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Recently, I’ve been reflecting at how lucky I am to have so many friends that not only look out for me but also help fill up my social calendar. I’ve been so blessed this Summer to get so many invitations to attend BBQs, picnics, dinner or events. What makes it harder to believe is that I never Read more »

When Good People Mess Up

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Christmas TreeAfter attending lots of get-togethers over the holidays, I sent out a whole slew of thank you cards and emails to friends and family for taking the time to get together and exchange thoughtful presents.

One of the things that I received was a really unique gift. Wanting to know Read more »

Magnetize & Attract Good People Into Your Life

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Many people struggle to connect with people that they’ve just met. People who attend my relationship-building courses say that one of their biggest challenges is getting people interested to know and like them the first time that they meet. Although I teach people how to achieve Read more »

How to Increase Your Credibility

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Romantic Couple at Gatwick AirportOnce upon a time, people would say “You must come to dinner” just to be polite or “that’s very interesting” when they really mean the opposite (read “What British People Say. What They Really Mean. What Other People Understand.” for a comprehensive list of archaic “polite society” comments). And incredibly, Read more »

Surviving The Christmas Holidays

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Family PhotoDid you get together with your family recently over the holidays? It’s great to get together with them isn’t it, especially if you live far away and don’t see them that often. Personally, I enjoy the experience because I get to see my folks who are now in their 80s. I guess I’m pretty lucky to have both my parents still around. Although they’re part of that Read more »

Do You Live In A Cliquish City?

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The Vancouver Sun recently printed a 5-part series about social isolation. And they’ve cited a Vancouver Foundation survey that says that 1 in 3 residents in Metro Vancouver find it difficult to make friends in this city and even used the words “culturally chilly” to describe Read more »

How to Get a Job – or a New Client – Without Asking For It

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For several years now, my wife and I have been teaching Sunday School at St. Andrew’s Parish as part of our community service. We do it primarily to help young people pick up good spiritual and moral Read more »

You Never Know Who You’re Going to Run Into

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Recently, I got invited to volunteer as a facilitator of a roundtable discussion of what it means to be a new citizen of Canada. This was part of a joint effort by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the Institute for Canadian Citizenship and the Ismaili Council for BC in line with celebrations for Canadian citizenship week 2011.

Not only did I get to see the beautiful mosque (I had never been inside one prior to this) where the discussion was held for the first time, I got to hear the thoughts and experiences of a dozen new Canadians citizens. I also Read more »

Time To Reconnect With Family

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As we slowly march towards the end of another year, I’m slowly making preparations to fly out and visit my parents, who are both over 80 years old. While my mother is retired, my dad still puts in a 40-hour workweek, as he believes that he probably wouldn’t last a month if he retired and just sat around the house all day.

Another person that really impressed me with her work ethic was my wife’s grandmother, who worked until the day she died. She owned a dry-goods store and still worked 7 full days a Read more »