Do you worry about the sustainability of your career or business (0 points)?
Will you be able to pick yourself up and get back on track within a few weeks (or months) in case you’re fired or laid off (2 points)?
Do you simply have too many clients or employers to choose from to even worry about your career or business future (5 points)?


Do you tend to look for work only when you need it (0 points)?
Do you keep your eyes peeled for opportunities all the time, even though you’re happily employed (2 points)?
Can you pick up the phone to inform decision-makers or business owners that you’re now available to explore new opportunities, or that your services are now available (5 points)?


Does it take you 12 months or more to find a job or a new client (0 points)?
Does it take you 4 to 12 months to find a job or get a new client (2 points)?
Does it take almost no effort on your part to find work or get clients, as job offers are constantly thrown at you or interested buyers of your product or service are always at hand (5 points)?


Do you know several people around town that do the actual purchasing, or employee hiring decisions (5 points)?
Do you know people who can connect you to decision-makers at various companies that you’re interested to work for or where you’d like to sell your product or service (2 points)?
Or are you meeting these decision-makers or buyers for the first time when you get together face-to-face (0 points)?


Does your outstanding work or your reputation precede you and are you known within your industry (5 points)?
Have you built some relationships with several colleagues within – and also outside – of your industry (2 ponts)?
Or are you hardly even known outside your office (0 points)?


Do people say “yes” almost 100% of the time when you ask for help and make time to see you when you ask them to meet (5 points)?
Do you sometimes get a “yes” and at other times a “no” when you ask people for help (2 points)?
Do you find it difficult to get help, or even find someone who might be interested to help you move forward in your career or business (0 points)?


Do many of your former employers (or clients) provide glowing reports about your attitude and the quality of your work (5 points)?
Are you able to find a few people to put in a good word for you (2 points)?
Do you struggle to find references or people who are willing give you even just one good reference (0 points)?


Do you typically go straight home after work every day and mostly stay indoors during weekends (0 points)?
Do you go to a social, casual and/or business gathering at least once a week (2 points)?
Do you attend (or even lead) charitable or professional events on an ongoing basis on top of keeping in touch with friends, family and loved ones every week (5 points)?


Do you like to meet with new people and actively build your network at least once a week (5 points)?
Do you go out to business (or social) events just to get out of your comfort zone once or twice a month (2 points)?
Do you tend to hang out with the same friends or office crowd most of the time (0 points)?


Do you look out for you own self-interests primarily and try not to be too involved in other people’s worries and concerns (0 points)?
Do you try and be useful to others whenever the opportunity presents itself and you’re feeling up to it (2 points)?
Are you an active member – or the head – of at least one cause or group that’s focused on alleviating some type of human condition that meets on a regular basis (5 ponts)?


Do you believe that in order for you to win somebody has to lose (0 points)?
Do you believe that it’s tough to win at life and that luck plays a huge part in it (2 points)?
Do you believe that everyone can win and that you make your own luck (5 points)?


Do you believe that not-as-fast runner who puts in steady and consistent effort wins the race (5 points)?
Do you think that the most talented runner wins who exerts just a tiny bit of effort (2 points)?
Do you think that the fastest runner wins who puts out sporadic bursts of effort (0 points)?


Do you try and elevate your game – or try and find new and better ways of making things happen – every day (5 points)?
Are you not totally satisfied with where your career or business and trying to figure out how to move ahead at work (2 points)?
Or do you think that you’re totally fine where you are at your career or business right now (0 points)?


Do you have a mentor or coach (5 points)?
Do you read journals related to your industry, read general interest magazines, or read self-improvement books (2 points)?
Has it been 2 years or more since you last opened a book, enrolled in a personal or professional improvement course or seminar, or taken higher studies (0 points)?


Do you like doing difficult things first – and get your problems out of the way – so that you don’t stress yourself out with unnecessary worry later (5 points)?
Do you prefer to do whatever you feel like at the moment and solve problems only when you feel good and ready to tackle them (2 points)?
Do you like to steer clear of problems and pass these on to others (0 points)?

69 – 75 points

Congratulations. You’re one of the privileged few that have the least amount of problems when it comes to finding a job or getting clients. You know how to play the game of life and succeed. Make sure that you keep on helping people as a result of your knowledge and expertise so that the world continues to benefit.

30 – 68 points

Great. You’re on your way to becoming a full-fledged farmer. With consistent practice you’ll establish a reputation for getting things done and making things happen. Refer to the tips found throughout The Job Farmer book and also the valuable insights at the end of each chapter to learn how to look out for the people in your life. Once you’ve built a huge and powerful network, anything is possible.

0 – 29 points

You’ve got your work cut out for you. The first step to getting greater control over your life is awareness. This a crucial to getting closer to your goals. Read (and re-read) The Job Farmer to learn what you can do to develop an abundance mentality, cope with change and connect with the right people so that you can achieve your dreams.

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