How to Get Free P.R. for Your Business

By: George Verdolaga Building Your Brand, Career & Business 2 Comments Jul 08, 2011

Last night, I attended a talk organized by Owen Clark and other prominent Meetup organizers (such as Matt Astifan) called “Getting Free P.R. for your Business”. Cameron Herold of Back Pocket COO ( was the presenter. He shared tons of interesting insights from his working years at 1-800-JUNK where he was COO and helped it to grow from $ 2M a year in sales to $ 105M in 6 years.

His 3 easy steps to getting free P.R. include: 1) Know your angle, or reason for making others care. It could be how you got started at work, why you’re doing what you’re doing or how you’re using technology to get heard. 2) Know your audience. Each magazine, newspaper or talk show has a specific audience. Once you align your cause or message to their target market then it’s easier to get them to feature you and your cause. 3) Pick up the phone. It’s very easy to connect to a decision-maker these days because few people call them on the phone anymore, especially that other means of communication (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, text and email) are available and also much easier to use.

So what does this all have to do with you and your career, you might be asking? If you’re trying to get on the fast track and want the higher-ups to notice your efforts, doing a great job is certainly very important. But it’s not always going to get you recognition. Lots of times you have to toot your own horn. Once you get enough people at work to care about helping you do a great job and also get ahead at work, then moving up the company ladder gets easier.

As for knowing your target audience, there’s a couple of these you have to please every day: (a) your boss, (b) your co-workers and (c) your company’s clients. If you’re always making sure that these people are happy with your work, then you’ll have very little trouble advancing your career. And to make your professional reputation bulletproof, be an active contributor and go-to person in your area of expertise, so that decision-makers at other companies start to know who you are. This is where you pick up the phone and meet with various people on a regular basis to see how you can assist them (and vice versa) and their own causes.

For more insights on what it takes to create a hugely profitable and much-admired company check out Cameron’s book, “Double Double: How to Double Your Revenue and Your Profit in 3 Years or Less”.

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  1. Owen says:

    Awesome read and thanks for attending last night.

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    […] George Verdolaga was inspired to recap the evening on his blog. […]

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