Career freedom is easily within reach once you learn how to think like a contractor. You won’t ever have to despair or even hate your job. By adopting the contractor mindset, you’ll become master of your destiny and never worry about being out of work as a result of getting downsized, terminated or laid off.

The Contractor Lifestyle


  • Why it’s important to create a “safety net” to protect yourself from unexpected layoffs and firings
  • That you can do some real good in the world as a result of your job and be happy while doing it
  • How your boss and your co-workers can advance (or derail) your career
  • That your current employer is only a single “client” out of many who are out there willing to pay you even more than what you’re earning right now

Learn how to:

  • Make a graceful exit from your current job without burning bridges so that you can pursue other opportunities
  • Leave the door open in case you decide to return to your old employer
  • Get members of your network committed to helping you move forward in your career
  • Evaluate various employment opportunities in the comfort of your existing job

When you think like a contractor:

  • Your services will always be in demand at your company and in your industry
  • You’ll develop a solid reputation and stand out from among your peers
  • You’ll be able to pick and choose among competing job offers rather than settling for the first offer that comes along

You’ll be in complete control of your destiny and:

  • You’ll never have to feel fear or uncertainty that this might be your last day at work
  • Continue to provide well for your family and enjoy the kind of lifestyle that you’ve grown accustomed to
  • Enjoy continuous peace of mind

Get back into the driver's seat

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Praise for The Contractor Lifestyle:

If you’re ambitious and want to get ahead quickly at work, here’s a useful resource to help you become the next ‘rising star’. Read the book so you can benefit from the useful insights that will help you in your career.”

– Peggy McColl, New York Times Best Selling Author of “Your Destiny Switch”

If you really want to know how to be successful and at ease in an age where job security has gone the way of the Dodo bird, then this book is for you. By adopting THE CONTRACTOR LIFESTYLE you will be well positioned to achieve REAL financial and career freedom. Whether you are thinking about being your own boss or seeking strategies towards progressing in your organization, read this book – it will be time well spent.”

– Pravin Pillay, Web 2.0 Media Engagement Strategist and CEO of Emergent Performance Consulting Ltd.

We live in fast times. The more practical the ideas, the more likely they will be applied. THE CONTRACTOR LIFESTYLE nicely lays out seven key concepts, does so without the fluff and gets right to the point. George’s message is at times provocative, always tangible, and continually makes you think about your career and the world around you.”

– David O’Hagan, Career Coach, Red Sky Coaching + Consulting

THE CONTRACTOR LIFESTYLE’s message couldn’t have arrived at a better time, especially with the world going through a difficult recession and with many people looking for answers on what to do with their careers and how to move forward from here. George offers valuable insights that can be a big help to companies that want to become better and more caring places to work. The book will also show you how having an abundance mentality will help you get ahead at work and in life.”

– Mike Schauch, President & Co-Founder, Climb For Change

In 2009 two important things happened for me: I lost my job to corporate downsizing and I first read George Verdolaga’s THE CONTRACTOR LIFESTYLE. Since I began my own career as a contractor, not a day goes by that I don’t find myself reflecting on and using the principles contained in this immensely readable, highly useful book. I believe it will prove to be very accessible, and freeing, to anyone who reads it.”

– Ted Morrison, Edtor

A timely book for a trying time. THE CONTRACTOR LIFESTYLE is definitely a good source of ideas on how to get ahead in your career and in your own personal life simply by changing your thinking.”

– Mari Litonjua, VP for Marketing and PR, Eventscape Manila

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