The Job Farmer in Action

By: George Verdolaga Building Relationships 17 Comments Sep 21, 2011

Recently, I came out with my second book called THE JOB FARMER ( to discuss the importance of building relationships over one’s lifetime and serving others. Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to sit down and have lunch with Ed Abosolieb, a new immigrant to Canada. He is a living example of how you can get what you want and be of service to others at the same time.

He shared his amazing story of how he was able to eat, park his car and watch movies – all for free – and even find a job for himself while he was still a poor undergraduate student. He recounted how he had struck up a conversation with a gentleman at a bus stop named Dave, who takes an immediate liking to him and gives him some free restaurant vouchers. Ed gives one of these vouchers to Mano, who is a jogger that he befriends while doing one of his daily exercise runs. After dining at the Portugese restaurant with his wife, Mano gives Ed several free cinema tickets in appreciation. Ed promptly passes these on to a bartender, called Yuen, that he strikes up a conversation with and also to a gentleman sitting next to him at the pub named Kevin. Yuen offers Ed several free meals at the pub and Kevin gives Ed two free parking slots valid for six months. Ed keeps one slot for himself and gives the other one to Mano.

Ed invites Dave back to the pub to share his free dining privileges. Dave brings his friend Andreas, who hits it off with Ed immediately. Ed later invites Andreas to watch a free movie, courtesy of a grateful Mano. Andreas brings his brother-in-law Neil along to watch the film with Ed. Neil and Ed talk about work and at the end of their conversation, Neil decides to recommend Ed for a job, which he successfully obtains.

Some of you may recognize Ed’s actions and think about it as “re-gifting” or “paying it forward”, and I’ve done this myself a few times and been amazed at the instant payback similar to what Ed had experienced. I call this “passing on the blessings of the universe” and it’s a very clear example of what happens when you do generous deeds similar to what I described in Miiku’s case in THE JOB FARMER. In the meantime, you can check out the book – both paperback and kindle – at and see how you can enjoy the blessings of the universe by rendering selfless service to others, like what Ed has done in the lives of countless others, including mine.

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  1. Matt Chong says:

    Wow! I always love hearing cool stories about paying it forward. What Ed did by spreading around his good fortune was create a win-win situation for everybody in his immediate circle. I’ve definitely experienced great things when I allowed gifts or unexpected windfalls to be shared among people. Great story!

  2. george verdolaga says:

    I know… it’s almost unreal isn’t it? The story’ actually not finished as Ed’s networking chain grew even bigger over the years. 3 couples got married – including Yuen and Dave – and 5 people got jobs as a result of Ed’s constant farming activities. What goes around does really come around, doesn’t it?

  3. Fred says:

    I’m baffled. This is so inspirational.
    Although I do have a question about this chain of relation building and offering (I love “paying forward”, a new term/concept for me – will experiment and share results on this page…)
    Where does it stem from? Is it because of what Ed does, or because of who he is/ his personality?
    And this leads to another question: does it make any sense at all to artificially discuss the difference between what you do and who you are, when in the end the only visible consequence is what you do?
    Great story George.

  4. george verdolaga says:

    I think it’s both, Fred. What drives Ed to do what he does stems from who he is (he probably believes in sharing the blessings of the universe). You’re dead right about the fact that most people won’t care about knowing who we are but tend to judge us solely by what we do. However, don’t our actions reflect our character, generally? And we may be good people intrinsically… but I think the problem occurs when our inherent laziness kicks in, which then prevents us from carrying out our positive intentions.

  5. Ola says:

    “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

  6. George Verdolaga says:

    Absolutely, I agree with you, Ola. Your friend, Ed, hasn’t stopped growing his networking chain. If I recall, as a result of him bringing you to the Pacific Club’s meeting last week, he introduced you to me, and I in turn introduced you to the featured speaker for the evening, MP Andrew Saxton, Jr. Turns out that his family-owned real estate firm owns large tracts of property, some of which require the installation of a septic system before it can be developed. It turns out that you might be able to help him with as a result of your expertise. Without Ed, that meeting with Andy would never have happened. Who knows what will result after your conversation with him. Ed’s farming efforts still continues to work wonders up to the present, it seems.

  7. Ola says:

    The seed was planted in good soil, we’ve had some sunny days, and now some rain… We just have to wait and see if anything sprouts! Definitely an interesting process, some say agriculture is the reason we have civilization.

  8. george verdolaga says:

    The development of agriculture certainly created the farmer, who replaced the hunter as the family’s main provider of food. Farming is definitely a more sustainable way to put food on the table whether it be the present or 10,000 years ago. And these relationship seeds that you and I have planted will take some time to grow that’s for sure… I can’t wait for the results. I’m sure it will be pretty exciting.

  9. Daniel says:

    Great story George, thank you for sharing this. It’s a great example of how focusing on giving an abundance always “pays off”

  10. george verdolaga says:

    Glad you enjoyed it, Daniel. The universe/cosmos certainly has a long memory when it comes to these things. I guess it always pays to do a good deed…

  11. Kitti says:

    I love this this story. It shows the beauty of collective power when directed positively, there is room and place for everyone. Inclusivity feeds itself, where as scarcity starves alone. The world is fortunate to have people like Ed to spark these truths.

  12. George Verdolaga says:

    I certainly wish there more incredibly generous-hearted people in the world like Ed. His story is definitely inspiring. Incidentally, I like the bright colors that you use in your paintings, Catherins. They have an almost surreal quality to them. Incidentally, have you checked the current Surrealist exhibit at the VAG?

  13. Michael says:

    This article is uplifting! It demonstrates that helping.and giving to others, without expecting anything in return, is truly gratifying, Like the saying goes, “It’s better to give than to receive.”

  14. George Verdolaga says:

    I totally agree with you, Michael. Doing stuff for other people is truly rewarding in itself… which is probably why a lot of people keep on doing it. What truly blows me away is when really busy people, like company CEOs, are able to still find the time and energy to make a difference in their communities either thru Rotary, the United Way or some non-profit organization. It just goes to show what all of us are capable of doing once we put our minds to it….

  15. Gabriella says:

    This is amazing for me ´cause it is so difficult to me start conversations with people and this story remind me that this life is about knowing people, and Ed was and is so great to share his good fortune with other people and other people responded doing the same to him. I met Ed at the bus stop ’cause he started talking to me and I inmediatly thought that he has a gift “the art of talking and sharing” because sometimes even if you dont have material things you can share your smile or happiness or your thoughts and you give something to the other people and is great when all this is positive because then you have all this posive energy back to you. Great story.

  16. George Verdolaga says:

    You’re right about Ed in that he has a natural gift for talking to people and establishing deep relationships with them. And I absolutely agree with you that more than the material things that we can share with people, a smile, our positive energy and our ideas and opinions are certainly valuable gifts that we can share with people… thank you very much for sharing your thoughts on the subject, Gabriella.

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