Discover why job farmers are more effective at finding work (or clients) than job hunters. There’s no need to worry about starving when you’re a job farmer, as employment opportunities and customers for your business will always be in abundant supply as a result of the relationships that you’ve built with people.

The Job Farmer

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Find out how to:

  • Get a job – or clients for your business – faster and build mutually beneficial long-term relationships
  • Enlist the support of family, friends and professional colleagues to help you move ahead faster and easier in your career or business
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’ll always have steady stream of work – or clients – coming your way
  • Use your current knowledge and skill set to allow you to live abundantly


  • Why job farmers get work – or clients – much more effortlessly than job hunters
  • The secret to being liked and sought-after by employers (or customers)

Buy 1 book for $ 18.95 and order a 2nd copy for just $1. This $1 goes to charity.

How the “Change 3 Lives” campaign works:

  • Buy the first book at $ 18.95
  • Order a second book for just $ 1 (or $ 19.95 for two books). You can give this second book to someone who: a) is looking for work or is in between jobs, b) wants a better career opportunity, or c) would like to get more clients for their business
  • Your $ 1 goes directly to a non-profit organization which helps unemployed people get back on their feet and find work
  • For every pair of books purchased, I hope to inspire positive changes in the lives of at least 3 people: 1) you, the book-buyer 2) the person you’ll be giving the second copy of The Job Farmer  to, and 3) a charity that helps individuals to find work and get back on their feet

Why I wrote this book and how you can help:

  • I created The Job Farmer  to share my personal and business philosophy, which is that our lives can be greatly enhanced by: a) adopting an abundance mindset, b) being open to change, and c) building relationships with as many people as possible
  • I would like to personally ask for your help to spread the word about this book not only to help someone you know find work (or get clients for their business, especially if they’re self-employed) but also to help the world move past this economic mess by empowering people to help themselves and not rely on any government handouts or bailout packages – just you and the people that you know helping everyone else
  • Once you’ve read the book, I’d like to hear about how the book has impacted you either via email (at or in a 60-second YouTube video. Please encourage the person you’ve given the second book to do the same. By creating more Job Farmers worldwide, I believe that we can create a more secure future for ourselves and our families

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Praise for The Job Farmer:

George has come up with a very unique and enjoyable little book that offers not only a definite prescription for finding a job (or getting clients for your business) but a positive orientation for life. The simple and memorable parable about the lives of an ancient hunter and his farmer friend brilliantly illustrates a philosophy based on living in abundance. Through The Job Farmer, you’ll learn how you can easily obtain all the jobs or business clients you could ever imagine!”

– Don Morgan, President of BNI Canada and New York Times best-selling author of “Masters of Networking”, “Masters of Success” and “Masters of Sales”

A creative, fresh and compelling way to get across age-old, tried and true job and career principles. Anyone implementing these lessons will be successful.”

– Jack Chapman, author of “Negotiating Your Salary: How to Make $1,000 a Minute”

The Job Farmer is a book designed to protect readers from the feast-or-famine cycle in their careers (or their businesses). George puts his job-farming analogy to use with fictional characters presented in an easy-to-understand theme throughout.”

– Heather Lea, founder of Reved Quarterly Magazine

The Job Farmer is an excellent book about human relationships that I highly recommend. You will learn the essential tools required to forge meaningful relationships to move ahead faster in your career or business.”

– Daniel Britton, author of “The Financial Fairy Tale” series of children’s books

George brings to life in The Job Farmer the same stuff he delivers in the real world: a powerfully effective brand of networking! If you’re serious about finding a new job or creating a new life, you’ll need to read this book.”

– Tyler Hoffman, financial advisor and author of “Deliberate Wealth”

This book will help you move from job hunting to job farming to enable you to do meaningful work and create relationships to keep you always well-fed.”

– Julia James, life coach and award-winning author of “The Mini-Retreat Solution”

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