Walking the Talk: Week 2

By: George Verdolaga Career & Business, Change, Goals No Comments Mar 06, 2015

Old Woman WalkingI recently committed to writing a new book called WHY MAVERICKS & OUTSIDERS RULE AND HIPSTERS FOLLOW THEM. Not only did I tell several people about it to keep me accountable, I wrote the intro and table of contents to help get me started. This is week 2 of my book writing odyssey. Here are some more tips to keep you on track in case you’re also thinking of doing something big:

1) Create a routine/new habit – Writing a book can be difficult if you don’t adopt the daily habit of producing pages & pages of text. To create momentum, I’ve committed 2 hours a day to write starting at 5 am. I’ve picked this time so I don’t get interrupted by phone calls, emails or conversations with other people. At this time, the world is still mostly quiet. Writing at the end of a workday isn’t as effective as I tend to be physically, emotionally & mentally spent.

2) Establish ground rules – Once I made the decision to write, I let my wife know about it so that she doesn’t barge into my work area between 5:00 – 7:00 am (she’s still asleep at that time anyway so no problem). I’ve also sworn not to get up and be distracted by TV, surfing on the net or anything else. Those two hours in the morning are sacred writing time.

3) Keep your eye on the prize – To finish 90,000 words in 5 weeks, I need to produce 18,000 words a week or 3,600 words a day. The past week, I finished the first chapter at 18,649 words so I’m on track so far. That said, I’m only about a fifth of the way so I’ve still got a long way to go.

4) Be consistent & don’t stop – Some writers I know have stopped working on their book for a few weeks or even a few months. I think that’s a huge mistake because it’s almost impossible to get back to where you left off after you’ve lost momentum. Keep on writing and get to the finish line as fast as you can because it’s hard to get back on track if you’ve left your book for awhile.

5) Just take a break & continue if you get into trouble – During those times when I get stuck, I simply stand up get a drink of water and take a look out the window and rest my eyes. Mostly I just refer to my outline (or table of contents), which is really useful for keeping me on track and helps me from getting mental blocks. To complement the “aha” insights in my book, I use a lot of stories based on personal experience and ones that I’ve picked up in books, magazines and newspapers.

Watch out for next week’s post as I cover week 3 of my book writing project.

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