Writing A New Book: Week 1

By: George Verdolaga Building Your Brand, Career & Business, Change 2 Comments Feb 27, 2015

booksLast December I had a sudden flash of inspiration to write a book called WHY MAVERICKS & OUTSIDERS RULE AND HIPSTERS FOLLOW THEM. I decided that it would have 80,000 words and be roughly 180 – 200 pages long.

1) Why ’Mavericks’ and ’Outsiders’ – I wanted to write a book on leadership and innovation that would be based on stories of people who triumphed despite being unpopular or misunderstood. Like me, many of the people featured in the book were ignored, ridiculed or bullied at the beginning. In the end they were able to achieve their wildest dreams as a result of building their confidence over time & staying committed to their dreams of changing the world.

2) Who my book is for – I want to write this book for people who want to create a better world but are fighting against a wall of resistance either from co-workers, friends or even members of their own family. I’d like to let them know that things do get better, just like what happened to Darren Jacklin who struggled in school and was told by his teachers that he wouldn’t amount to anything much.

3) How I’ll get to 80,000 words – I’ll be sitting at my desk for 1 to 2 hours per day churning out 6 pages – or about 2,000 words – per hour. This would allow me to finish my first draft in a month if I do manage to produce 20,000 words a week. There will be no interruptions and zero excuses. As I’ll be starting with a table of contents to guide my thoughts and ensure that I get to the end without getting stuck along the way. You’ll be able to follow me as I finish my first draft and get my manuscript professionally edited and printed.

To help get me started I’ve done a 3-page (1,000 word) intro, which is an overview of my life. It’s not hard to write although I do find it daunting to expose all the good and bad stuff that’s happened to me. It’s always better and easier to look cool and invincible rather than to be vulnerable and human.

In the meantime, feel free to share your own story of how you were rejected or alienated at work or at school here.

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  1. Jane Drazic says:

    Nice George! Another one of your good reads! Have fun writing it!

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