1. They don’t give up when people say “no”, reject them or tell them “that’s not possible” – They simply find a way over, under or around a problem.
2. They never blame anyone for mistakes or failure – They take full responsibility and then do whatever it takes to achieve success.

3. They never let temporary setbacks derail them from meeting their goals – They simply pick themselves up whenever they fall and keep on going.

  1. They never whine and complain when things go wrong – They just go ahead and fix whatever problems face them.
    5. They never get paralyzed by fear – They act in spite of fear.
    6. They don’t believe in overnight success – They choose the slow path to success. They know that what comes easily is also lost easily.
    7. They don’t hog all the credit – They know that they owe their success to many people who helped them get to the winner’s circle.
    8. They never pretend to know all the answers and understand that they have to keep on learning for the rest of their lives – They humbly refer to other experts for things that they’re not as good at or don’t know much about.
    9. They never rest on their laurels – They know that life is composed of a series of mountains to be climbed and so they keep on moving and face bigger and tougher challenges each and every single day.
    10. They don’t think of success as an end result – They know that a big part of success is about who they become along the way.
    11. They never say ‘I can’t’ –They don’t waste their time tearing out their hair and saying ‘this is too hard’. They just figure out a way to overcome life’s obstacles, whether by themselves or with the help/input of others.
    12. They never make excuses for not being able to meet their goals They just roll up their sleeves and work until the problem or challenge is resolved, or keep on working steadily until they reach their goals.

Photo by Georgio

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