Bosco Anthony rise to success began in 2002, when he moved to Canada from Tanzania. Upon arriving in B.C. he went into sales and marketing and eventually found himself working as a sales manager for Intrawest. After several years, he moved on to the Internet Marketing Center (IMC) where he helped build the global affiliate division and honed his expertise in digital strategy.

It wasn’t long before Bosco became an expert in internet marketing, and built a substantial knowledge base. By working with

affiliates that he had developed relationships – and worked with – over the years at IMC, he was able to weather the 2008 recession. After being one of the keynote speakers at Social Media Week, Bosco cemented his credentials as a thought leader in the digital marketing space and attracted the attention of companies looking for help creating their online marketing campaigns by. Bosco’s funny and engaging style enabled him to do a total of 125 speaking engagements in 5 years in 36 cities around the world. Three of the topics that Bosco likes to talk about is (1) entrepreneurship, (2) digital marketing and (3) digital strategy. For TEDxStanleyPark 2016 (type “George” in the promo code box to get $ 20 off your $ 117 ticket) he will be talking about “Fueling Your Why: How to Go From Average to Epic” on May 28, 2016.

Bosco is a passionate entrepreneur and storyteller and often goes onstage to share his story of going from ‘average to epic’ by living on purpose. He feels that many people don’t end up doing what they really want to do – or get nowhere in their careers – because they’re not in touch with their “why” or their life’s purpose. Bosco feels that many people don’t reach their potential and hurt their own cause due to three things: (1) failure to keep up with the influx of information, (2) failure to meet the rising expectations of people around them and (3) a lack of mindfulness.

Bosco believes that the key to success lies in not just ‘going with the flow’ but in being hyper-aware of things happening around us and making smart choices that enable us to reach our goals. He also believes in the importance of mentorship in learning valuable skills and life lessons. He cites 1-800-Got-Junk founder Brian Scudamore as an example of someone who is successful that also relies on a mentor to be successful in life and in business. Bosco also likes to mentor other entrepreneurs and sits on digital advisory boards for various brands across Canada.

To further his own learning Bosco founded the “Internet Marketing Think Tank”, which is a monthly meet-up group where he gets together with other thought leaders and entrepreneurs to discuss leadership, business growth and online marketing subjects. As a person committed to lifelong learning, Bosco believes that there’s always something new to discover and there’s always opportunities to share his learning with other people who are also willing to improve themselves so that they can reach their goals.

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