Ever wonder why some people start something and either (1) continue until the end or (2) give up after trying for just a little while? What makes some people finishers and others quitters? Why do some people relentlessly pursue their goals even though they encounter one failure after another? How can you get into the “zone” so that you can always finish what you started?

This week, I’ve gone past the half-way mark of my WHY MAVERICKS & OUTSIDERS RULE AND HIPSTERS FOLLOW THEM book and written nearly 60,000 words. Sitting down to write a book day after day – and doing the necessary research – is tough. So why don’t I just quit? What is it that keeps me going?

  1. The desire to make a “dent in the universe”– I wrote my “WHY MAVERICKS & OUTSIDERS RULE AND HIPSTERS FOLLOW THEM” book to give hope to aspiring innovators and change-makers who are being ignored, made fun of or even bullied as I was once upon a time. I’d like them to know that whatever they’re going through is all just “training” to help them get ready for the day that they’ll have to show their product or service to discriminating customers, investors, strategic partners and other people that they’ll encounter later in life. It always helps to be rejection-proof so that you can keep on working on your dream until it eventually happens.
  2. Visit new places and meet more people– I’d also love to be able to bring my message to various places and different people so I can change lives. I would also like to meet other thought-leaders who are doing things that are fun and exciting. In my book, I wrote about colorful characters like Manny Pacquiao, author Gary Vaynerchuck, rapper Iggy Azalea and other larger-than-life characters who’ve fought poverty, obscurity and discrimination to make it big in their respective fields.

I’d like to able to look back one day and say “I’m proud to have been able to do that for other people” and “I’m glad that my work was able to make things better for everyone else at some level.” And making a huge difference is one thing that keeps me going.

Photo by Phil Roeder

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