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The COVID 19 pandemic has accelerated what has already been slowly happening in workplaces globally: the transformation of highly centralized workplaces where employees converge in a single building or address into a fragmented network of remote home office locations. What does that mean for companies around the world?

It means that you have a tremendous opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint, save money paying office leases and receiver greater value from employees who now have less distractions to deal with at work. For those yearning to escape the dreaded ‘cubicle farm’ or ‘drone culture’ and do truly meaningful work this is the opportunity to have more control over your life and to finally move closer to that work life balance we’ve all been craving.

As a designer and work-from-home advocate, George knows that much can be accomplished when you don’t have the challenges that can derail people from truly doing their best: unproductive meetings, office politics (or gossip), meaningless tasks, inflexible hours, and draining commutes.

Want to transform your company and bring out the best in people? Make them work from home. Large multinationals like Twitter, Dell and Sodexo have embraced remote work or flexible work. As one human professional put it “Work isn’t where you go, it’s what you do.”

Learning Outcome: Find out how you can implement an effective work-at-home strategy to keep people more productive and happier while saving money paying office space you don’t really need.


Does showing up to the office fill you with dread? Well… you’re not alone. According to a recent Gallup poll, 85% of people everywhere are not too crazy about going to work.  Wondering who might be among the 15% of happy people on the planet? That probably would be the person who founded the company that you work for. And most likely, he or she is on a mission to change the world.

But what if you were able to join one of the enlightened few who would work for free doing what you love and would do anything to make a real difference? How do you turn off that switch from being indifferent to becoming genuinely excited? What if you could work for yourself in your own business and call all the shots instead and work according to your own hours and in a way that you see fit? Wouldn’t that be something? The good news is that you can do it without quitting your job.

All you have to do is work like the same way a contractor or vendor would, which is to work like each day is your last and being fully aware that their current gig isn’t the only game in town. This is the very reason they their performance reviews are stellar and their work is consistently outstanding. They never yearn for the workday to end and Monday is the best thing to happen to them every single week of the year.  That’s because they don’t think like a drone but have the mindset of a business owner.

Learning Outcome: Discover what you need to do to shift your thinking from sheep to sheepherder and to uncover the joy that you’ve been missing out on all this time.


Are you trying to get ahead at work all by yourself? Is your boss on your bandwagon or trying to throw you under the bus? Are your co-workers rooting for you, or are they all plotting your downfall? Does anyone outside the company know who you are or are decision-makers hearing good things about you from other people within the industry.

The not so great news is that if no one knows who you are inside or outside your company, that does not bode well for your career. The good news is, getting into the spotlight is a learned skill. And it doesn’t have to be hard. It does take time and effort, though, and it’s as easy as incorporating a new habit into your weekly routine: which is to be an evangelist for (1) your company and (2) your brand. There’s nothing more attractive to other companies than someone who is happy at what they do and doing well at work. That’s when you’re at your most steal-able. But you’re not trying to get head-hunted. You’re just being an ambassador for your company’s products and services and for yourself.

And who knows, you might want to switch industries, write a book (be a spokesperson for your industry) or rise up the company ladder. It’ll be easier if you have supporters not just where you work but also outside of it. There’s nothing more reassuring to a decision-maker who’s thinking of promoting you to get a ringing endorsement from a fellow decision-maker outside the company who sings praises about you.

LEARNING OUTCOME: Learn how to become the next rising star who goes to the top by building a tribe who will help you succeed.


Here’s a reassuring fact. Nice people do finish first. They may not do so right away, but they always do in the end. But here’s the thing: nice guys don’t rest on their laurels. People never forget how awesome truly they are in the first place and develop a reputation for being ‘the person that delivers’ and ‘has my back’.

Wonder what stable marriages, long-term business relationships and solid friendships all have in common? People refuse to leave and replace the other person because they’re so damned happy to be there. And the person that is able to maintain those relationships… what’s their secret? They’ve developed the habit of appreciation (which is a pro-active form of gratitude). In other words, they don’t only talk about how thankful they are to have other people in their lives, they shamelessly put that gratitude on display.

People that refuse to leave their supplier, spouse or friend will tell you the same thing: I’m sticking by this company (or person) because they make me feel important and don’t hesitate to remind me of that fact.

Learning Outcome: Discover how to create a winning culture of appreciation to increase customer and employee retention and develop better ties within workplace

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