I just finished writing THE MAVERICK EFFECT a month ago and it’s now undergoing professional editing. It was like reaching the top of a tall mountain. This wave of euphoria washes over you and you feel like you’re on top of the world. Getting to this important milestone of finishing the manuscript of my book allows me to focus on the next challenge.

What’s next?

The astronaut Buzz Aldrin had a hard time coping with normal life. After all, if you had gone to the moon and back, how do you top that heady experience? I consider the next phase of my journey even harder, which is marketing my book. You see, writing a book isn’t much different from creating a painting or manufacturing a widget. Now you have to figure out how to make this one-time activity into an ongoing concern that (1) consistently generates sales and (2) changes the world, much like any business that’s created from scratch.

How Do I Want To Change The World?

I wrote my book to show mavericks & outsiders how to introduce change despite resistance from non-believers. Too many people throughout history all the way to the present time have been ignored, discouraged and made fun of for being – or thinking – different from the mainstream crowd and that has to stop. One of my biggest dreams is to live in a world where people treat one another with complete respect and work together to reduce inequality amongst themselves. People everywhere are being squeezed by the rising cost of education, housing and food. It’s my intent to help alleviate that situation by enlisting like-minded thought leaders and influencers in every city to help people overcome their challenges, achieve their objectives and work hand in hand to raise the standard of living of everyone on the planet.

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